IBSC 2012

“excellence comes when each boy achieves his best in both the curricular and co-curricular environments… this goal can best be realised within a supportive and stimulating educational environment”

Action Learning Team Presentation

Knox Grammar School
  • Whether online gaming had the potential to increase boys’ engagement and foster creativity
  • Creative and critical thinking, along with problem solving and risk-taking to become central to our pedagogy.
  • ‘development of a culture that values originality, active learning and invention’ essential for 21st century learning (Craft 2005).
  • 254 Year 8 boys in teams of three developing a low energy, sustainable city using Minecraft
  • Inter-disciplinary task
  • Data: Pre and post surveys, interviews and observations
  • Deadlines and challenges
  • Flip Learning model
  • City design and a report

Integrated Assessment Tasks: Action Research and Workshop Presentation
Workshop Power Point Assessment Task Minecraft

Minecraft report example

Year 7 Integrated Tasks

Year 9 Integrated Task

Year 10 Integrated Task

Crescent School
  • The effect that game-based learning has on engagement and performance
  • “the cutting edge is realising the potential of games for learning by building good games into learning systems…” (Gee, 2005).
  • Seven year 7 Science/Geography classes – 80 students
  • Summative task student designed
  • Develop a digital sustainable city or world in any medium
  • Model, reports and reflection assessed
  • Data: Pre and post surveys, interviews and observations
St John's North West Military Academy
  • The effect of an online learning component on the relationship with his teacher.
  • Focus on self-directed learning to engage the boys and develop autonomy
  • Biology class – 12 boys
  • Flipped learning model: learning resources online
  • Discussion questions and activities linked directly to online learning resources